Choice Of Drain – An Important One

The choice of drain to use in your bathroom is a surprisingly important one. Be it a remodeling or an entirely new construction, your drain choice significantly impacts the look and feel of your bathroom.

That simple detail can change the entire topography of your bathroom, affecting all other choices you’d make while remodeling. So, it is understandable to put some thought into it.

To avoid making the wrong choice, there are a few angles you should consider while deliberating. We’ll run you through those in this article, but first, let’s walk you through the drain types.

Choice of Drain
Choice of Drain
  1. Centre Square Drains: These drains are usually placed in the bathroom’s center—hence, the ‘center’ in the name. They would require a four-way slope to get the water to the square. A great example would be the Five-inch Square Drain from IB Tools.
  2. Linear Drains: These drains are rectangular shaped and can be installed anywhere in the bathroom. They require a single slope for easy drainage. IB Tools’ Twelve-inch Wave Liner Drain is an excellent specimen.

Now that you know what your choices are, let’s dive in.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Shower Drains.

  1. Aesthetics

If you’re remodeling, this point will carry a lot more weight. You’d want to go for the best when taking such a step. Well, there isn’t a better option. It just depends on what you’re going for.

If high-end luxury aesthetics are your thing, you might want the linear drain. This choice lends your bathroom a more modern look.

On the other hand, the square drains are great for those aiming for something traditional. Don’t assume they aren’t stylish because they are. IB Tools has an assortment of elegant square drain designs that would beautify your bathroom.

  • Tile Choices

The single slope format of linear drains would be great for large format tiles. These are great for bathrooms as they minimize grout lines, which can allow mold growth.

Square drains also allow for ease of installation, as many tiles are also square. One with an elegant grate design can blend with the tiles, giving a seamless look.

  • Cost

A bathroom remodeling project would eat up a lot of funds. Everything from tiles to vanities and plumbing would require money, so the cost of installing your preferred shower drain is a necessary consideration.

In that aspect, the square drain is the clear winner. They can be bought with a lot less strain on your pocket than linear ones, and their installation is also cheap and easy.

On the other hand, Linear drains are costlier to purchase and require much more expertise and time to install.

If the modern look comes at a price too steep for your budget, then the square drains are your answer.

  • Maintenance

The bathroom will always be one of the wettest places in your home. You might encounter some unpleasant situations if this water isn’t properly drained. Maintenance has to be done to ensure your bathroom is in the best condition, and your choice of drain can decide how much of it you do.

In this aspect, the linear drains shine for many reasons. First, they can be installed flush with the bathroom wall, ensuring no water goes past the gutter. Secondly, they allow for larger tiles which, as we said earlier, minimizes the growth of mold.

With square drains, a little more cleaning has to be done for your bathroom to remain in the best condition, especially at grout lines.

  • Accessibility

If you’re building a bathroom for a public area, you might have to think about accessibility for the physically challenged. This is also necessary if you have aged relatives or people with crutches and wheelchairs.

The linear drain is the way to go in this category too. The single slope makes the bathroom more accessible. This accessibility can be increased when the shower is built curbless.

Here, a drain is placed at the curbless bathroom’s entrance, trapping all the water before it enters the living space.

The square drain is not your choice for an accessible bathroom. So, if you have friends or relatives that struggle with mobility, skip them.


It turns out that the simple choice of a shower drain is not so simple after all. However, your decision should have been made easier with our help.

If you want a luxurious, universally accessible bathroom with low maintenance, the linear drains are for you. Just be ready to dole out the cash.

But if your preferences lie towards traditional drains that are cost-effective and easy to install, the square drains are the right pick for you.

You can check out IB Tools for some shower drain designs that are elegant, functional, and cost-effective. Contact us once you’ve found what you like, and we’ll have your account set up in no time. Remember, we’ve got just the right thing for everyone. Try us out; you won’t regret it.

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