Choosing Best Door Handles: Important Factors to Consider

Everyone knows that picturesque homes don’t design themselves. For the perfect home decoration, your customers have to put thought into every aspect of the house. From the big details like the style of tiles, to the little ones like the door handles.

The door handles are an aspect of interior design that many people overlook. Yet, they are a functional addition that can add a subtle touch of class to every room. This is helped by the huge variety available in our door handle inventory at IB Tools.

You can get door furniture of different styles on our website, all made from various materials that would fit any room. But because of this diversity, choosing the best one for their homes can be daunting for your customers. We’ll walk you through the factors to consider when making helping them make their choice.

Here’s What To Keep In Mind

  • The Style You’re Going For

    If you’re remodeling your home, you probably have a specific look in mind. It could be a traditional look you’re going for, or a more modern style. You may even have one style on the outside and another on the inside.

    If you don’t know what style your house is, you can stand back and take a good look at your home. If it has clean lines and a seamless look, it has a modern look and would need door handles with angular sleek looks.

    A more traditional home would look great with antique door furniture.

    • Door Knobs Or Door Handles?

    This point also has to do with the style. Door knobs look great with traditional homes and period homes. Modern houses, on the other hand, would make a door knob seem out of place.

    Another thing to take into consideration is the ease of usage. Door handles are easier on the hands and almost everyone knows how to use them. Door knobs, on the other hand, can be a bit difficult to turn.

    • Would They Be Locked?

    If your door is going to be in an important place, you might need a door handle with an in-built lock. This is also the case for rooms where privacy is needed. Places like bathroom and home offices might need locks for privacy.

    Do remember that some equally important places do not need locks. Nurseries, for instance, are better off without locks for the safety of the babies. You can employ this keyless door handle from IB Tools for your nursery.

    • Interior Or Exterior Doors?

    The location of the door would also affect your choice of door handles. External doors would require a higher level of security, and a little less attention on design. Not only should the door handle have an inbuilt lock, you can also go for a sturdy lock in addition to it.

    Internal doors would focus more on ornamentation and a bit less on security. You can even leave some doors with lockless handles.

    • Weight And Thickness Of The Doors

    You might not know how important this point is, but it is a huge factor in your door handle choice. Some door handles are made for thicker doors and would not fit thinner interior doors, while there are others where the reverse is the case.

    Exterior doors are usually made of thicker and heavier materials, and these doors would need special handles that would fit. You have to ensure that the door handle is strong enough to handle the weight, as many weak handles would bend under the strain of a heavy door.

    You can try out this Satin Nickel Heavy Duty door handle from IB Tools for your heavy entrance door.

    • DIY Or Professionals Installation?

    If you know your way around a hammer, drill, and other work tools, then you may decide to install your door furniture yourself. While that would be a great idea if you want to reduce costs, it would also affect your door handle choice.

    Some handles might be a bit more complicated than you expect. In these cases, professional help would be required. It is advisable to let professionals do the installations if you aren’t confident of your abilities.

    • Your Budget

    If you’re doing a total remodeling of your home, the cost would be a vital factor to consider. If the heavily ornamented traditional handles cost more, then a sleek modern look could be right up your alley.

    Compromises can be made in the design, but we’d  advise against any compromise in quality. Your door handles are put under a lot of stress on a daily basis, so get something that can withstand that. Don’t let the cost cause you to make a wrong decision.


    Once your customers have taken all these factors into consideration, their mind should be made up on what direction to go with the door handles. Once you’re at that point, you can go through IB Tool’s inventory for the door handles or knobs that would fit their vision. We have a door handle for everyone, just try us out. Let us help you help your customers.

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