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Why become a Distributor of IBTools Products?

Here are a few key reasons why

  • Great supply chain 
  • Amazing service from our head office
  • Best quality products
  • Extremely competitive prices on the market

At IBTools we focus on manufacturing building tools and products that fit into everyday contractor needs. IBTools products are manufactured with quality in mind. The quality of the products, combined with the price provide a great reselling product, thus increasing distributor profits!

Our flagship product is the patented Tile Leveling System that we manufacture in Canada. The IBTools Tile Leveling System provides great flexibility and precision in installing tiles professionally, and efficiently.

The IBTools product catalog is ever-increasing as we add more and more high quality items that are very marketable.


What are my distribution options?

IBTools caters to all levels of distributors. This includes multi-chain tool outlets as well as individual sellers. We price our items depending on the quantity requested so the more you buy the more you save as you make a greater profit reselling/distributing our catalog products. For a full list of products check out our inventory here.



Want to sell our product online? 

We would love to help you build your no-inventory outlet!

Focus on getting our product to clients and turning a profit while we take on the warehousing costs. You do not need to break the bank renting a warehouse to keep product in. 

To learn more about drop-shipping, follow this link. 


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