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We are passionate about providing the best

tools and accessories for affordable prices. 


Our Vision

IB Tools Has been provided jobs close to 50 Canadians.

Our vision is to create better experience for users of our products, may it be a Contractor-Tile setter or individuals renovating their homes. Obviously, the better equipment you have, the more presentable, time-efficient and less stressful job will be.

We believe that construction tools and materials should be affordable for all our customers. That’s is why our prices are very competitive and allow you to finish your project on budget.

Who We Are

Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for visiting our website!

My name is Slava Avnilova, and I am the owner and operator of IBTools. I have been an active tiling expert for the past 12 years, which eventually led me to begin IBTools and provide high quality, cost effective tools and accessories for all construction needs.

We at IBTools are continuously growing, improving and fine tuning our products. We believe that a quality product shouldn’t cost you, the contractor, your pay day. We try to manufacture the best tools and accessories for the right price. 

I am happy to directly answer any questions you may have regarding your project or about the products we sell.

Thank you! 


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